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August 29, 2016   |    Blog, Health and Aging, Rehabilitation

The Changing Face of Healthcare

Grace Rehabilitation and Health CenterWhen Grace Health Center opened its doors in 1970, it was licensed for 160 residents and designed to provide skilled, long-term care to residents who were facing irreversible issues and health challenges. Since those days, the scope of health care has shifted dramatically. Continual advancements in healthcare practices combined with the additions and improvements of facilities, services, and programs offered, have changed what residents and their families’ experience when they are admitted at Wesbury.

Yes, Wesbury continues to provide care to long-term residents, but in recent years, Wesbury has also become an area leader in providing short-term rehabilitation. The number of people who are looking to heal and return to their home has grown to where Grace is no longer the “Nursing Home” that we were known by for many years. In fact, in 2015, 60% of all Grace Health Center admissions got well and returned to their previous living environment.

Offering private, amply furnished accommodations with space to visit with family and free Wi-Fi, Wesbury’s designated Short Term Rehabilitation Neighborhood allows for personalized choices focused on recovery. Gone are the days of the regimented nursing home routine. Our Natural Awakening program lets residents start their day when they are ready. Residents also have flexibility in scheduling their therapy and activity times, when and where they want to dine as well as made-to-order meal options. Additionally, residents are presented with a variety of daily activities and weekly spiritual programs and services.

For over four decades, the public has historically known Grace Health Center as a “Nursing Home.” In order to increase awareness that Wesbury is also a top notch rehabilitation choice, we have added it to our name. Hence forth, Wesbury’s “Grace Health Center” will now be called “Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center.”

“Although we are updating the name we are not changing our mission. We have been focused on rehabilitation and returning residents to their home for quite some time, while still providing the excellent palliative care, memory support, and end of life comfort residents and their families have come to expect.” —-Brian Nageotte, Wesbury President

Rehab1If you or someone you know is planning a knee, hip, back, or shoulder surgery, requires cardiac or pulmonary related rehabilitation or is recovering from a health challenge know they can receive the intense therapy they need at Wesbury to get well and return home. Make your physician aware of your preference as well as the hospital performing the surgery. You can even preplan your rehabilitation stay at Wesbury!

If a return to a former living environment is not possible, the care team at Wesbury has a variety of options available to residents and their families, on-campus and in the community. For those residents facing long-term care because of serious illness, the Grace Rehabilitation and Health Center multidisciplinary Palliative Care approach focuses on providing relief from symptoms, pain, mental and physical stress, no matter the diagnosis. We also offer Care Cottages, the Memory Support Center and work with hospice partners. “Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all residents and their families who entrust their care to us regardless of the circumstance.” notes Mr. Nageotte.

For those needing additional support, but not requiring around-the-clock care, Wesbury’s Thoburn Village, Cribbs Residential Center, and Wesbury at Home offer a variety of lifestyle options and service alternatives that not only bring safety and security to residents and clients but peace of mind to their family members. To find out about more about the Wesbury healthcare programs, services or lifestyle phone 814-332-9009.