Past News: July 2016

July 29, 2016   |   Press Releases

Wesbury-Hillside Home and VNA Alliance Look to Reduce Falls through Movement

As we age, we hope that we will have the movement and balance we have been afforded for our entire lives. We think there will no problem... Continue Reading »

July 29, 2016   |   Blog

Did you know that Wesbury offers a choice in Personal Care environments? Part 1

Cribbs Residential Center Many are familiar with Cribbs Residential Center, and Hillside Home too, but I find that few are aware that the two are... Continue Reading »

July 26, 2016   |   Blog

Danube River Cruise 2016

Wesbury departed for an eight day Danube River Cruise through the heartland of Europe in May 2016.  During their trip they traveled from the... Continue Reading »

July 15, 2016   |   Blog

The Power of Sharing

Twice a month, a group gathers in the Community Room at Hillside Home. They socialize, share stories, and teach each other knitting, sewing... Continue Reading »